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The Ferrari F12tdf was launched in 2015. Building upon the already impressive standard F12, the TdF model is a raw, extreme and more performance-oriented take on the front-engined Ferrari V12. Just 799 TdFs ever left the factory, and the example presented here is truly one-of-a-kind.

With an incredible Blu La Plata exterior and a French flag racing stripe, this car turns heads wherever it goes. Inside, you are greeted by Charcoal Leather throughout the interior and further Azzurro Santorini leather on the seats, inner door handles, upper tunnel and luggage straps. The stunning specification of this car is verified as completely unique by a dedication plate inside that reads 'One of a kind'.

Since being registered in 2017 at a main Ferrari dealership, this car has only covered 518 miles with one owner, to and from an official Ferrari event. That trip aside, it has always been stored at the same main Ferrari dealership, and it also has a full Ferrari service history. This means it is one of the most immaculate examples of an F12tdf on the market.

The car is generously specced with over £57,000 of extras including AFS carbon headlights, carbon dash vents, coloured seatbelts, sports exhaust pipes, floor mats, a rear parking camera and Diamond Matt wheels.

With an almighty 769bhp on-tap, the 6.3-litre naturally-aspirated V12 has an extra 40bhp over the standard F12, but the real headline for the car is its weight-saving. 110kg was shed from the standard car, meaning the TdF has a curb weight of just 1520kg.

0-60 comes in just 2.9 seconds, and the car is capable of going on to over 211mph. And, with a bigger splitter, diveplanes and an enhanced rear spoiler, it also has almost twice the downforce of the standard F12. Pair those enhancements with an active rear-wheel steering system, and the F12tdf shows no signs of letting up when presented with a mountain road or race track; around Ferrari’s famous Fiorano test track, it even gives the LaFerrari a run for its money.

The car wails like a historic Formula One racer, and shifts faster than you can blink courtesy of a seven-speed dual-clutch gearbox. In all regards, the F12tdf is leaps and bounds above the car it is based on.

Therefore, it is appropriate that its name is a nod to the famous Tour de France Automobile race event, which weaved across the country, and saw some of the fastest production-based cars in the world take on open roads and purpose-built racing circuits. Names such as Michele Mouton, Gerard Larrousse and Patrick Deapiller all won the race in its 1950s-1980s heyday, as did the iconic Ferrari 250.

As a limited edition Ferrari, the F12tdf has already appreciated in value immensely, and will only continue to do so in years to come. This car represents a fabulous investment opportunity, a Ferrari collectors’ dream, and - if you choose to run it in anger - the ultimate track-centric V12 GT.

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