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The forerunner of the illustrious Civic Type R lineage - this rare EK9 is a superb example of the original JDM icon, finished in the rare and desirable Starlight Black.

From a production run of 16000 JDM cars made, only 1000 examples were made in Starlight Black.

A happy bonus is that although the speedo reads 67597 - it should be noted that in March 2019 at 66211 kms the speedo was fitted with a chip converter to read in miles. This means the car had actually covered 41142 miles (it previously read in kilometres) The current speedo reading of 67597 as of 3rd February 2021 - which works out at an additional 1,386 miles - meaning the car has actually covered 42528 miles - although the speedo today reads at 67597. The MOT history substantiates all the numbers and can be verified online, although no previous mention was presumably made that the speedo readings at previous MOT's have been actually in kilometres. Either way the car is very low mileage for its age - as evidenced by its condition.

The current owner purchased the car at the end of September 2020 from an enthusiast who spent a long time looking for an immaculate example in black with no rust and the elusive original spot welds in place on the rear arches. This car met all the criteria and there are pictures on file of the inner arches before they were cavity waxed. The car has always been garaged in recent ownership and possibly before which probably explains it's condition.

The interior is spectacular for the vehicle age, with the Recaro seats and the all important drivers side bolster in great condition, reflecting the low mileage. The previous owner drove the car with EK9 seat covers

In March 2019 it was decided to upgrade the car with the popular period modification of a fitting a fully rebuilt b18c6 engine with S80 gearbox with LSD and stage 2 clutch and running gear. The engine was fully rebuilt using all OEM parts down to the cambelt and waterpump kit. The engine has covered approximately 1500 miles since fitment and performs extremely well with a strong vtec cross over (accompanied by the trademark Carbon Whale Intake roar!) and no smoke. It is estmated this handbuilt engine produces around 200 BHP and is fitted with a Spoon ECU, Carbon Whale intake, Skunk 2 421 manifold and Fujitsubo Exhaust. The strength of the engine highlighted the ease at which the JDM 180 km/h speed limiter could be breached (on private roads of course) and therefore the speed limiter has been removed so that the car should reach approximately 150 mph where conditions allow...although COVID has meant we have yet to be able to test this! 

Suspension and brakes
The car has period correct Meister R coilovers fitted and we have recently adjusted these to a very usable ride height - the handling of the car is predictably EK9 trademark pin sharp and the car is equipped braided brake lines, Dixcel pads and AP discs. 

The current owner bought the car and immediately sent it to our sister company Mission Motorworks to be made perfect as the ultimate retro trackcar. Our team have a lot of experience with EK9 models and it was agreed that this one of the cleanest examples we have encountered and particularly desirable in the rare Starlight Black. Now we have finished preparing the car it has been decided that it has been decided that this is far too nice for the current owner to use on track and therefore it is now ready for a new home.

These cars are becoming increasingly hard to find in this condition and should not be confused with some of the high mileage examples in average condition that end up on Japanese auction sites. We have noted that many US collectors are waiting for the 25 year exemption import rule to allow import of the cars and many good examples have been imported to the States as well as to JDM enthusiasts in Asia.

We believe this car has the best original bodywork of any car available on the market and coupled with an engine which has covered approximately 1500 miles since a rebuild, presents as a superb example. We can provide a video walkaround from our South Coast showrooms to serious enquirers.

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