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In 2010 Porsche introduced the second generation of the 997 GT3 RS known as the 997.2. It received an additional 15hp over the previous gen thanks to a new 3.8 litre flat 6 engine, bringing the total power to 450hp. Couple this with the weight savings over the non GT variants of the 911 and you have an impressive power to weight ratio of 300bhp per tonne.

The GT3 RS is the ultimate naturally aspirated 911 on the market, with a wider body to accommodate the wider track which increases the directional stability and potential cornering grip along with a 20kg weight saving over the already feather weight GT3.

Perfectly weighted controls, a comfortable driving position and a chassis that isn’t overly stiff gives this car a split personality. You can go all out at the track and enjoy all it has to offer with its motorsports underpinnings, then calmly drive to dinner without having to deal with overly heavy controls and rock hard suspension.

With the rarity of these cars increasing, we are proud to offer this incredible investment opportunity to own a very low mileage and flawless example that will not disappoint. All our cars can be inspected and viewed at our brand new performance showroom. If you would like to register an interest please use our enquiry form.

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