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Why Choose Mission Prestige?

Mission Prestige is one of the UK’s leading luxury car dealerships for many years, our business is financially stronger than it’s ever been and rest assured we are here to stay for the foreseeable future. All of the cars we advertise are physically at our showroom and ready to be bought and driven away the same day. We only sell the very best cars. When it comes to sourcing our stock we are incredibly picky about what we buy. We only look to buy cars that have something special about them with a preference towards low mileage, limited production or high specification vehicles.

We place a very strong emphasis on the preparation of our vehicles. Each car is rigorously checked for any signs of accident or abuse before we agree to buy it. We have extremely high standards and will often spend a great amount of time and money on reconditioning to ensure that our full-range of stock is mechanically sound and superbly presented.

We strive to be competitively priced. We have limited space where we are located so we are only interested in stocking cars that we are confident will sell and avoid taking ‘SOR’ cars at unrealistic prices just to boost our profile. We analyse the market day-to-day and ensure that the asking price of each car is reflective of its rarity, specification, mileage and condition.